What are your Professional Demons?

I call them my ‘professional demons’.


  1. Other people perceive me as under-confident.
  2. That has a knock-on effect on how I feel (especially if I hold those people in high regard or there are high stakes in their opinions) and actually leads to my confidence being knocked. (So lack of confidence becomes a secondary effect but is not actually the root demon here).
  3. Because I am less confident than before, I assert myself even less.

Why do I find this so difficult? Why is self-assertion a professional demon for me?

How to deal with (lack of) self-assertion

  • Decide: what is the level of assertiveness you actually want to have?
  • Trust your inner confidence.
  • Notice the perceptions of others (awareness) and their emotional effect on you.
  • Actively choose how to respond (break the circuit).


How to deal with uncertainty:

  • Notice uncertainty — be aware of environment and impact on you
  • Be ok with it! >> acceptance
  • meditate once a day or more to develop stability of mind
  • be aware of your span of control (it doesn’t include everything!)
  • ask for clarity if needed (other people can help bring certainty if they have more info than you)


How to deal with perfectionism:

  • Ask for feedback from colleagues on projects — calibrate my aims and expectations against others and see if mine are too high
  • Stop caring! Direct energy to where it’s most needed and appreciated

What are your professional demons?



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Amanda Green

Amanda Green

Head of Operations at Filtered | Business and Career Coach. I write on career and business building, personal development and working in tech